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Speck makes award-winning cases to protect your personal mobile technology. Brought on by the CEO to differentiate, re-define, and build the Speck brand in the commodity mobile case business. This was done successfully by creating a consumer segmentation, translating consumer insights into product and new brand positioning, a new marketing campaign and powerful new packaging. Prior to joining the company, Speck had been losing market share YOY. Two years later, we are one of the top brands in the industry and successfully positioned the company for sale - acquired by Samsonite, the world's largest case company.


Packaging evolution during my tenure

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Clients include The Skoll Foundation, (Jeff Skoll, billionaire internet entrepreneur, philanthropist and film producer).


Brand created for Col. David Randolph Scott, USAF, Ret. honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 15 Lunar Landing.

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Cufflinks and earrings by PKelly Jewelry originals

Col. Scott flew on Gemini 8, Apollo 9, and was the commander of Apollo 15. Scott was selected in 1963 as part of the third astronaut group. A retired test pilot, NASA astronaut, and the seventh person to walk on the Moon, he flew three times in space, and is the only living commander of an Apollo mission that landed on the Moon. Col. Scott is one of only 12 men to ever walk on the Moon.

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